New South Wales

Information and resources available at the public records office of New South Wales in Australia.

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Website for Criminal Records Checks/Police Checks in New South Wales

State Records of New South Wales Website

Address of the Public Records Office of New South Wales:

PO Box 516,

Kingswood 2747,

NSW Australia

Phone Number: +61 2 9673 1788


The Government Information Act 2009 is active from 1st of July 2010. Its purpose is to endorse open, accountable, justified and effective government in NSW and guarantee that members of the public have a right to see government information. This permission is restricted only when there is a superseding public interest against revealing the particular info. The GIPA Act replaces the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act.

The New South Wales State records are a constitutional body made by the State Records Act 1998. The Act delivers for creating, managing and protecting the records of public offices of the State and for public admittance to those archives.

Its Privacy Management Plan updates how State Records complies with the Information Protection Principles with its own records. The plan also summaries how State Records backs the principles through its role as the coordinating agency for standards of official recordkeeping in the NSW public sector under the State Records Act 1998. State Records pursues this role with a considerate of the importance of privacy and the way personal information in official records ought to be managed. State Records helps protect privacy by providing safe and secure storage for State records, promoting the timely discarding of records of temporary value, endorsing high standards for official recordkeeping and by governing the framework for public admittance to State records more than 30 years old.



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