Information and resources available at the public records office of Tasmania in Australia.

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Address of the Public Records Office of Tasmania:

91 Murray Street,


TAS 7000.

Phone Number: (03) 6233 7481

Email: hobart.linc@education.tas.gov.au

The founding of the Public Records Office in Tasmania known as Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office (TAHO) brings together the collections of the Archives Office of Tasmania which is the State Library’s Heritage Collections to provide the people of Tasmanian community with extraordinary access to records about people and about their cultural and documentary heritage.

Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office aims to create awareness, understanding and access to the heritage of Tasmania to the Tasmanian people by bringing together the resources of the Tasmanian community and its government.

The Archive of TAHO consists of records about Wills, convicts, people’s immigration, marriages, divorce records, births and death records. It has a large and significant portion of the Tasmanian people’s “memory”.

Additionally TAHO handles the preservation and disposal of the State government records in Tasmania to ensure that the records are accessible to the public and government are accessible for an appropriate lengths of time.

TAHO also pursues to obtain private records which have long-term value to the public and are capable to showcase the political, natural, social, cultural, and economic history of Tasmania.

The Office also delivers a number of facilities to government organizations, both directly and to help them in obeying with their recordkeeping responsibilities and duties in accordance with the Archives Act 1983.


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