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Australia Public Records

Generally, archived records are available to the general public in Australia. These records are typically many years old. The National Archives of Australia is managed by the government of Australia, and is dedicated to managing the records of Australia and its citizens. If you are looking for records from the past, then the National Archives of Australia website is a destination that you will want to become familiar with. The collection of Australian records held by NAA is the most extensive set of records for Australia that is available anywhere.

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If you are not doing genealogical or historical type of research then it is likely that you are seeking records that are more current. These types of records are much more closely guarded by the authorities because of the privacy and safety of individuals. However, it is still possible to obtain current records. The primary variable that determines whether or not you will be able to find a current record about an Australian citizen is which state/territory that the record is being held. While the National Government of Australia has policies that the states/territories must abide by, there is a lot of room for the states/territories to determine how the records are distributed in their region of the country.

Please try visiting the page of this website for the region of Australia in which the record you are searching for resides. From there, you will find links to the official government websites that control the distribution of records in the respective regions.

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