Court Records in Australia

The High Court of Australia is the highest authority of the country, and it is in charge of the federal criminal and civil court records. Magistrates rulings and appeals, as we as family cases, are handled at this level. Divorces, annulments, custody and child welfare cases are handled by the Family Court of Australia.

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At the federal level you’ll also find information about designs, patents, and copyrights. Human rights and equal opportunities for workers in Australia are all handled by the high court. Under the human rights code, you’ll find information tribal and refugee court cases and the rulings by the court.

Whether you are looking for Australian court records at the national level or the state level, you’ll be able to find criminal or civil court records. There are extensive records regarding convictions in criminal proceedings, rulings in criminal or civil court cases, rulings on lawsuits, overviews of court cases, and information about legal proceedings.

All Australian court records from Australian boards and tribunals, and civil and criminal courts are available. When looking for Australia court records resources, you can search through government records within the state for documents you need, when the court case isn’t handled by the High Court of Australia.

The six states of Australia are New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia. The Australian Territories consist of Australian Capitol Territory, Jarvis Bay Territory, and Northern Territory. There are also several external territories, which include the Heard and McDonald Islands, Ashmore and Cartier Islands, Australian Antartic Territory, Christmas Island, Coral Sea Islands Territory, Norfolk Island, and the Keeling Islands.

Each state or Territory maintains its own records. State or territorial courts are in charge of handling serious criminal cases, in which case a jury is required to decide the outcome of the case. Small claims cases are handled at the state or territorial level.

The National Library of Australia is a tremendous resource to find and research Australia court cases that date back to the year 1825. This library can help anyone find information on older court records. The resources houses here include exact statements taken in court, court transcripts, lists of cases and trials, unpublished decisions, and depositions.

In addition, newspaper stories about trials and microfilm databases are also available for researchers. If you can’t find the documents you need in print, these additional sources are available and could provide the information you need.


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